Online Casinos Industry

If you have followed the online casinos industry over the past year or so, you have noticed many changes. In the recent month the withdraw of neteller which many players used to fund there casino accounts. This has mostly effected US and Canadian players. The close down of banks allowed to transfer funds into a online casino. Then you see the UK legalizing online gambling. The main focus for the US stopping purchase at online casinos was claimed to be on moral issues. Gambling is bad! Yes I think most people realize it is not good if you do in excess. However how can someone say it is bad when there is so many Indian casinos, state ran lotteries, and other forms of gambling. One is ok and another is not? No the truth is that the US government doesn’t like that other countries thought of it first and they did not get a piece of the pie. They want taxes off it. It is a huge amount of money. Now if it had been the US that started it, all would be good since they would be getting money from other countries. WTO ruled that US was suppose to allow online casinos to continue and accept bets from US players. The US has still not complied with the rule under the fair trades act. I guess the next year will be interesting to see what happens.